Real Estate is Back!!!

I publish this article from an email I just received to prove a point.  REAL ESTATE IS BACK!  If you are reading this because you clicked on it or because it was sent to you, you must know that I am not just saying Real Estate is back.  Everyone who is involved in real estate sales, mortgage, finance, development, advertising and marketing knows that this market is hot.  Palm Beach may be hot and they say #1 in this article, but seriously, the Miami market is experiencing exactly what happened down here in 2001, 2002, and 2003.  The market took off and never looked back.  This time it is for real.  Everyone is unsure what is happening abroad and they love the US, especially a touristy, swanky town like MIA.  These are real sales with real dollars.  No funny mortgages, just funny money but CASH IS CASH.

Go visit this project in BOCA!!! It is beautiful (and tell them Adam Levy sent you) but read this article and remember that if you are considering buying real estate in South Florida, there is no better time then the present!!!  You will see this market rip another 10%-15% a year for a few years and then settle down.  I don’t think it is going to be the 4-6% steady, slow growth.  Mark my words right now, it is heading up.